Maison De Gillespie

There's a story behind that beverage!

The wine at the wedding is very special...

If you were given a bottle of wine randomly selected from a winery that housed every every wine in the world, there would be only an 8.4% chance you'd be given an American wine. If you were handed an American wine, there would be only an 11% chance it came from a state other than California. If the wine you were given was BOTH American AND not made in California, there would STILL only be a 0.08% chance that wine was made in Kansas.

Kansas wine accounts for 0.00102% of all the wine in the world. What you are holding is a rare bottle.

Here is a short list of things that are less rare than the bottle of wine you are holding:

  • Flipping 15 coins and have them all land on heads.
  • All while blindfolded - driving a scissor lift around a basketball court, stopping it, lifting yourself 12 feet off the ground, holding a basketball over the railing, and dropping it straight through whichever rim closest to the pyramids at Giza.
  • Having albinism.
  • Having triplets... and a neighbor who has twins
  • As an American - owning a Ferrari
  • Floating a dartboard in one of those inflatable backyard pools and hitting a bullseye before you pop the pool.

What I'm saying is this: This wine is special.

Wine bottles - less adorned.

It's extra special because it was made in-house. Not in MY house, but in the Hill house. That's Hill House Wine.

If you enjoy your very special wine - please make sure to let the brewers Ed & Michele know!

The following images are stills taken from "Breaking Bad 2: The Hills have Wines"

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